Who's Who - The Old Railway Line

Who's Who

The Old Railway Line Garden Centre has grown to what it is today as a result of a hardworking and committed team. Here are just a few of the team working hard on a daily basis to offer the best customer service and shopping experience to our customers as possible.

Mark Cleary

Mark Cleary - Director

Mark started the business back in 1990 with wife, Christina. Mark is actively involved in the business and oversees the majority of purchasing for the garden centre. Mark is instrumental in driving the business forward.

Garden Centre

Christina Cleary - Director

Christina established the business with Mark and it's thanks to her green fingers that we have built up an excellent reputation for plants. Christina is involved in the purchasing, staffing and day to day running of the garden centre.

Garden Centre

Katie Eckley

Katie Eckley - General Manager

Katie is Mark and Christina's daughter and is responsible for the day to day running of the shop. Katie does the majority of the purchasing for the gift area and the farm shop. Katie is a fully trained florist and has a BSc in horticulture.

Huw Lewis

Huw Lewis - General Manager

Huw has worked at the garden centre for 20 years progressing through the business to general manager. As a Chartered Accountant, Huw is responsible for the accounting, admin and outdoor leisure purchasing within the business.

Joe Aldworth

Joe Aldworth - Marketing Manager

Joe has worked at the garden centre for 8 years and was promoted to Marketing Manager following the completion of his BSc in Business Management. Joe is responsible for the Marketing and E-commerce activity within the business.

Kate Dewan

Kate Dewan - Retail Manager

Liam Cleary

Liam Cleary - Garden Care Manager

Lucy Huck

Lucy Huck - Plant Area Manager

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis - Event Manager

Graham Lewis

Graham Lewis - Head of E-Commerce

Sarah Nicholls

Sarah Nicholls - Head of Pet Dept.


Jayne Davies

Jayne Davies - Head of Outdoor Living

Steph Dewan

Steph Dewan - Head of Customer Service & Admin

Joanne Bragg

Joanne Bragg - Till Supervisor



Samii Davies

Samii Davies - Head of Farm Shop


Vanessa Gunning

Vanessa Gunning - Head Florist

Jill Fawke

Jill Fawke - Head of Indoor Lifestyle

Nick Smith

Nick Smith - Plant Area Assistant Manager

Railway Restaurant

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell - Catering Manager

Jenny Bullock

Jenny Bullock - Head Chef


Jeremy Pudner

Jeremy Pudner - Sous Chef


Tracy Grummet

Tracey Grummet - Restaurant Supervisor

Shaunagh Cleary

Shaunagh Cleary - Restaurant Supervisor

Karha Grinham

Karha Grinham - Restaurant Supervisor

James Holmes Powell

James Holmes Powell - Restaurant Supervisor

The Old Railway Line Team

Some of our hard working, award winning team!